How to do intuitive card readings

You don’t need any psychic fortune telling abilities to be spiritual AF, you just need to relax, tune into your intuition and let the universe pass on a message. Look you can go all manic and eat organic grass fed vegetables in the moonlight and conduct your readings with incense and special bells if you want but that’s all just wrapping paper. The universe doesn’t necessarily care about all that stuff. They just want to get the messages to you somehow and if you’re not good at picking up signs, card readings are a good place to start.

Buy some cards

There are plenty of different cards out there so it’s best to just go with your intuition and pick a set that you are attracted too. You might like angel cards or tarot or oracle guidance cards. I love the mermaid oracle cards, they also always positive which I know is what scares people most about card readings, that they will tell you that you’re doomed. 

Connect with the cards

When you open the cards, take some time to bless them and fill them with love and light. Ensure you touch every single card and feel your energy connect with the cards. You may even ask someone to guide you through the reading like a guardian angel or the universe. Don't let anyone else touch the cards and go through the same process every time you do a new reading session. Extra points for closing your eyes and lifting your head to face the heavens. Extra, extra points for humming at the same time.

Do card readings for yourself

Start doing readings for yourself, you might start out simple by drawing one card a day for general guidance or you might ask the universe a question. Connect with the cards and select a card that you feel is right. If a card falls out then it’s something urgent the universe wants you to know. As a general rule you should never bring negative energy into your card readings. Definitely don’t do them angry, I even avoid card readings when I have had too many coffee’s because I feel like it puts off my energy. 

Memorise the cards

Look this step is actually optional. I can’t remember what every tarot card means but luckily most card sets come with a guide book with all the meanings.

More in depth readings

When you buy a set of cards the booklet will advise you how to do different readings, you can draw 12 cards to let you know what is ahead for the next 12 months or you can select 3 card for your past, present and future. Try different readings until you work out what you like best. I prefer to pick just one card for guidance or to answer a specific question I have. If a card jumps out or falls out while you are shuffling then make sure you read it because that's something the universe is trying to tell you. Traditional tarot has rules but intuitive readings are more individual and it's whatever feels best.