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Why You Must Program Your Crystals

So you’ve taken the step in acquiring crystals, maybe to test drive their energy healing qualities or to encorporate some stylish Feng Shui properties into your space.  You will have no doubt read about cleansing your crystals, the ritual set out to “reset” your crystals’ energy and cleanse them of any vibes they may have picked up on their way to you. This is a very important practise but just as important or if not more is the ritual of “Progamming” your crystals.  Programming your crystals is a manifestation ritual that will set your intention for your chosen crystal. There is no wrong way to do it, it is simply an intuitive process in which you declare what you want...

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Different ways to incorporate crystals into your daily life

There are two ways you can select a crystal, you can either find a crystal to suit your purpose or you choose a stone you are attracted to. I like to pick crystals that I like the look of and then google the crystal until I find a meaning that I like. So once you've found your crystal then you can incorporate them into your daily life in different ways... Wear them Wearing crystal jewellery to suit your daily purpose is essential. Feeling nervous about a work presentation? Chuck on a blue lace agate pendant. Want to meet someone new in the love department? Pop a rose quartz bracelet on (and maybe join Tinder). If you aren’t harnessing that crystal...

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Use this simple method to practice manifesting your dreams using crystals

Have you been wondering how to manifest your dreams using crystals? Well you have come to the right place. At That Gypsy Shop we use a combination of crystals and the law of attraction to make all our dreams come true with this simple method. 

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