Aqua Aura meaning and uses

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Aqua Aura meaning and uses

We can't get enough of the iridescent sparkle of the Aqua Aura Crystal. It's high vibing energy and rainbow shimmering appearance makes it the perfect crystal to have around the home or office. 

Aqua Aura is a part natural/part created specimen. Created by treating a quartz cluster in a vaccume chamber with gold vapour. The gold atoms fuse to the crystals surface giving the Aura it’s magnificent iridescent sheen.

Metaphysical properties: Stone of the mind, helps you channel direction and focus toward manifestation and goals. Amplifies thoughts, awareness and psychic abilities. 

Feng Shui: Place in northernmost part of home or office to welcome direction with life path and success in career. Place in the west to welcome positive energy and people into your life.

Chakra: Throat







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