Citrine meaning and uses

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Citrine meaning and uses

Citrine is known as the success stone as it brings good fortune in unexpected ways. A great manifesting stone. Citrine stones are yellow tinged ranging from light yellow through to dark goldy tones.

You should always keep a small tumbled citrine in your purse to encourage wealth and money.

Keep Citrine in the South East corner of your home which according to feng shui is the money section of your house. 

Hold in your hand or keep in your pocket to absorb the powerful energy vibrations from this stone.

Citrine is like the mike drop of the crystal world. Use citrine to attract abundance in all areas of your life. The sky isn’t even the limit with Citrine because there is no limit. Sort your shit out and get your manifesting on; grow your money, career, success, happiness & relationships.

Remember to... Cleanse regularly with palo santo, tell the crystal what you want then place it on selenite. BOOM, you a boss bitch now lady.