Different ways to incorporate crystals into your daily life

There are two ways you can select a crystal, you can either find a crystal to suit your purpose or you choose a stone you are attracted to. I like to pick crystals that I like the look of and then google the crystal until I find a meaning that I like. So once you've found your crystal then you can incorporate them into your daily life in different ways...

Wear them

Wearing crystal jewellery to suit your daily purpose is essential. Feeling nervous about a work presentation? Chuck on a blue lace agate pendant. Want to meet someone new in the love department? Pop a rose quartz bracelet on (and maybe join Tinder). If you aren’t harnessing that crystal energy every day then you can’t possibly be living your best life.

Keep them in your pockets

Now although ideally you will be wearing the crystals so everyone knows you live on a higher plane spiritually, it is totally acceptable to keep them in your pocket so you can touch them every now and again. You might want to put citrine in your purse so whenever you get money out you touch it and focus on bringing more money into your life. You can go to sleep with rose quartz in your hand dreaming of a better future with a loving partner

Meditate with them

Some people like to hold the crystals and chant mantras or meditate. I like to just hold the crystal in my hand and imagine my body absorbing the energy. Using the box breathing technique I breathe in the crystal energy and breathe out this awful black smoke, kinda like that huge guy in that movie the green mile. Good energy in, bad energy out.

Place them in your home

You can just place the crystals sporadically around your home as decoration or you could have a room dedicated to crystals. Some crystals have different meanings so you might have ones that absorb or repel negative energy in certain places. Some are thought to absorb radiation from technology. I have black tourmaline crystals in our cars & suitcases to ward off negative energy while travelling.

How you decide to use crystals differs from person to person and there really are no rules! You could probably put one in the fridge so the energy infiltrates the food and you can become some sort of super Boho. The possibilities are endless really.


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