Why You Must Program Your Crystals

So you’ve taken the step in acquiring crystals, maybe to test drive their energy healing qualities or to encorporate some stylish Feng Shui properties into your space. 

You will have no doubt read about cleansing your crystals, the ritual set out to “reset” your crystals’ energy and cleanse them of any vibes they may have picked up on their way to you. This is a very important practise but just as important or if not more is the ritual of “Progamming” your crystals. 

Programming your crystals is a manifestation ritual that will set your intention for your chosen crystal. There is no wrong way to do it, it is simply an intuitive process in which you declare what you want the crystal to do for you! 

Picked up a piece of citrine to keep in your purse?? Programming it will take the manifestation of wealth and success to the next level, it’s like being given an extra gear in a racing car. 

It is also important to declare your intention for the crystal as an intuitive guide to placement. For example, if you have programmed a piece of amethyst for sleep, don’t place it in your study. If you have a black obsidian point programmed for protection don’t place it next to your rose quartz, programmed for open love and letting go. 

Another reason for programming your crystals is energy direction. Have you ever walked into a space where there is so much energy whirling around in different directions that it is overwhelming? Programming and intentional placement practise with your crystals will help you to avoid creating these amplified energies in your space. 

Here is a simple ritual for programming your crystals:

1. Make sure your crystals have been cleansed (some crystals will disintegrate in water; sunlight, moonlight and smudge are great non water alternatives)

2. Research your crystal. What attracted you to your crystal in the first place? What is the crystal known to do? 

3. Choose your placement for your crystal, is it Jewellery, a tumbled stone, a decorative cluster? Where will it live? Over your heart? Near your front door? In your family room? 

4. Hold the crystal in your hands and manifest your intention for the crystal. Using mantra repeat a phrase to activate the crystals’ energy. For example, holding citrine, chant “I am successful, I am wealthy, I am prosperous”

5. Now let the crystal energy magic do it’s work!

 Love & Light

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