Chill Gift Pack

Chill Gift Pack

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1 x Lepidolite Beaded Bracelet

1 x Palo Santo

1 x Selenite Rod

Anxiety - Mood Stabilisation- Chakra Healing

Cleanse your home and crystals by burning palo santo, an ancient magical wood. Waft the smoke around to get rid of bad vibes and move stagnant energy.

Fill your home with angelic healing light by moving the selenite through your space. Keep the selenite in the area of your home you need to amplify.

Program your crystal with its purpose by telling it what you want to achieve. Wear it daily and cleanse it under the full moon every cycle.

Lepidolite contains a high amount of lithium which is used in anti-anxiety medications. Known as one the best gemstones for mood stabilising, this bracelet will unblock bad energy from chakras and bring a sense of balance. 

Perfect for firey personality types or those in search of tranquility during times of high stress.