Mama Magic Crystal Pack

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Designed with our mama's in mind. Supporting you from the very beginning through fertility, pregnancy and childbirth. Perfect for anyone at any stage of their parenting journey.

  • 1x Tumbled rose quartz crystal
  • 1x Unakite crystal chip bracelet
  • 1x Red Tigers Eye chip bracelet 
  • 1x Tumbled moonstone with black tourmaline
  • 1x Tumbled hematite stone

Crystal Meanings

Rose Quartz: Love, Romance, Fertility and letting go of previous hurt.
Red Tigers Eye: Gives you confidence and motivation. This stone invites action into all areas of your life.
Unakite: Encourages emotional Balance during and after birth, supports pregnancy, assists in Positive Planning for you and your baby's future. 
Hematite: Cleanses self doubtbrings you out of your mind and down to earth. Stopping unnecessary worries.

Moonstone with black tourmaline: Supports new Beginnings, fertility, provides protection and encourages calmness. Balances emotional Instability.